are Matylda Krzykowski and Miriam
Hartwig. They teamed up to give
attention to one of the most important
aspects of exhibitions and design
related presentations: the gathering, a
pleasurable occasion.


KOLACJA - a Polish supper,
Oct. 29th 2010:

At Designers' Open 2010 in Leipzig
29.-30 Oct.
A joint journey to Poland in late summer
of 2010 gave not only culinary inspiration
to Luxe paarden in actie who will
host the dinner at Designers' Open


First occasion - Karsten Födinger,
March 13th 2008:

Luxe paarden in actie offered the
opportunity to experience an exhibition
while at the same time revealing the
traces of their own living space. In doing
so, the visitor became their personal
guest. Karsten Födinger was invited to
live and work in Matylda's and Miriam's
appartment for a week to develop and
set up his exhibition. He was directly
engaged in their daily lives and worked
within their personal surroundings.

Second occasion - Gas Station,
May 22nd 2008:

A very open and prominent Space
above a gas station, right next to the
highway A2 in Maastricht, was the
setting of their Second Edition: at one
night during "Kunsttour Maastricht" they
provided a spot to meet and exchange.
Instead of inviting their guests to their
personal space, this time Luxe paarden
in actie took furniture and personal
belongings of 13 households in
Maastricht and displayed these in this
very public space. Each piece was
labeled with a picture of its origin.

Third occasion - Eindexamen
Autonoom, 2008:

Luxe paarden in actie were invited to
present the graduation show of the
students of the Fine Art department,
Academie Beeldende Kunsten
Maastricht. Their aim was to create a
thread for the group exhibition while at
the same time keeping each artists'
presentation individual. Next to the
organisation, they made the exhibition
catalog and a sort of exhibition architecture